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A Story of Art

Nyika Campbell, CS8 Alum attends the University of CO Boulder, her art inspires us to look closely and to appreciate the creativity in each piece. Sometimes a visual story speaks for itself. Thank you to Nyika for sharing her work. We continue to be inspired by our alums and the work they are doing.

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Growing a New Path

Not all college paths are created equal. CS4 alum Mikaylo Kelly has designed his own special major called "Food Justice" at Augustana College to explore the ever-changing human relationship with food: what we eat, how it is produced, and the impact it has on the earth.

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Montanna, Conserve Alum

Conserve is not just a school it is an inspiring dream. To be doing things that I was truly passionate about and connecting at a level with students who felt the same passion towards the outdoors was an incredible feeling, a feeling of belonging.

Conserve School Parent

Conserve School was the best thing that has ever happened to date for our son. He came back more mature, more understanding, more confident and more accepting of other people’s differences. It was a fantastic experience for him and we are forever grateful.

School Counselor

The positive experience at Conserve....excellent teachers, motivated students, interesting learning activities, outweigh the transition to a regular classroom environment.

Chase, Conserve Alum

Conserve School was probably the single best academic choice I ever made. More important than the number of AP courses I could have taken, Conserve School changed the way I viewed the world and myself. It made me a more mindful person, and increased my passion for the environment. Furthermore, it gave me a glimpse into a new culture and way of life, and opened my eyes to new ideas and opportunities.

Conserve School Parent

Conserve was the best school experience my daughter has had, both academically and socially. The opportunity to spend a semester in small classes with teachers who care about and challenge the students was a great change from our large high school.

Conserve School Alum

Being around other students and teachers that truly share a love of the environment creates an atmosphere of openness and family that I personally had never had before. I have excelled in school since coming back and Conserve really helped prepare me for college. Overall Conserve School has helped give me a fuller life.

School Counselor

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that all students should enjoy. If education could be like this throughout the country, it would completely change our education system. All learning styles were reached through the teaching methods, and lessons were meaningful and effective.

Conserve School Alum

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would absolutely recommended it to anyone interested in connecting with nature on a deeper level, learning from a team of talented instructors, and exploring one of the most beautiful places on Earth.