Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to the Summer Conservation Crew

What type of partner organizations is Conserve School looking for?

Conserve School can imagine a wide range of organizations that meet its criteria for a preferred partner organization including the following:

  • A public school (traditional or charter)
  • An organization that provides conservation or environmental programming
  • A homeschool group
  • A scouting organization

What personal gear do participants need?

Conserve School is currently constructing a gear list of required and recommended items. In order to make this opportunity accessible to the widest range of groups, Conserve School is working to limit the scope of required items as much as possible.

What can the $2,500 stipend be used for?

Conserve School recognizes that the needs of each organization differ so each organization is free to use the stipend as they see fit. Possible uses include:

  • Covering or offsetting the cost of transportation to and from Conserve School
  • Covering the salary of a paid chaperone from the organization
  • Assisting crew members with the purchase of needed personal gear

What is the food and lodging like?

Crews will be housed on the Conserve School campus in guest dorms. Linens, pillows and towels are provided. Laundry facilities are available.

Conserve School dining staff will provide meals.

Will we be working with chemicals?

No, all of the invasive species work will done manually using simple hand tools.

Why is the working group size limited to nine?

The Conservation Crew will spend part of its time working in the Sylvania Wilderness Area which has a group size limit of ten. That leaves us with only room for nine crew members to accompany our staff leader.