Health and Wellness Promotion

Life at Conserve School is stimulating, rich, busy, and filled with boundless opportunity. Friends are no longer a phone call or text away, but living in the next room, and social opportunities abound. Classmates are not only friends, but passionate learners who challenge each other to experience new things, to develop their thinking, and to grow. Our 1,200-acre Lowenwood campus is a playground rich with opportunities to explore. Staff offer enticing opportunities to extend learning outside the classroom.

For students, the busy, stimulating life of Conserve School presents the challenge of independently managing their time and priorities, often for the first time, in a way that contributes to their health and wellness. Conserve School supports holistic wellness by promoting the following:

Health Services

Conserve School’s Health Care Coordinator manages the school’s services for students in need of medical assessment and care, and most school staff are certified in Wilderness First Aid (a few hold a higher level of certification). Students who are ill or injured are assessed and provided care by staff members on duty, who determine if the student requires care at a local clinic or hospital. The Health Care Coordinator manages the distribution of prescribed and over-the-counter medication, which is securely stored in the school’s Health Center, in keeping with state law.