A full Conserve School experience is one of connection and engagement. It is important that students build a strong sense of community by connecting and engaging fully with each other in common spaces and during school activities. It is also important that they connect fully with nature through engagement with the forests, lakes, and wildlife of Lowenwood. In order to support quality connections and engagement, Conserve School has the following technology guidelines:

Student Computers

To promote equitable access to technology, every student is provided a Google Chromebook and access to the full suite of Google for education programs. Students are not permitted to bring additional computer equipment to campus including monitors, tablets, printers or scanners.

To encourage a good night's sleep, on nights before school days, students turn in their computers at curfew.

E-mail & Google Tools

Each student is provided with an email account which is also their login for a host of Google tools including Drive, Email, and Calendar. While the email account only works during their semester at Conserve School, they can continue to access their personal Conserve School Google Drive spaces and shared ones for their semester when they return home.

Internet Access

High speed wifi internet access is available in all buildings and selected outdoor locations. Like all schools, Conserve School filters web traffic to block access to inappropriate material.


Students and staff are encouraged to minimize the amount of material that they print. That being said, students have access to both black & white and color printing when they need it.

Cell Phone Policy

Conserve School students are required to bring a cell phone with them to campus.

Conserve School wants to support a culture that promotes responsible cell phone use while also helping students enjoy their time on campus. The School recognizes the importance for students to stay in touch with family and friends, of staying safe while exploring the campus and on trips, for snapping quick pictures and for keeping on schedule with calendars and reminders. Conserve School also recognizes that for some students the use of their personal cell phone, or the way their classmates use their cell phones, impacts them negatively. Cell phones can be a barrier to getting the most out of the Conserve School experience.

The Conserve School Community Handbook lays out specific recommendations and rules for cell phone use.