Seek Transition: Artist Statement
Brook Doughty

The days were sunny and warm and the garden was alive with growth and beauty. The nights grew cool. Dropping temperatures painted the leaves with color and added a crispness to the air. Morning light revealed frost. Mist billowed from the bog at sunrise. Snow fell and the world froze.

Seek transition. This has been a recurring theme throughout this semester. I have witnessed a transformation in myself and my surroundings. These transitions signify growth and the passage of time. I have felt myself adapt and seen the world around me change. I have tried to capture this transition in my photography. I believe it is important to release expectations and be open to many possibilities. This has led me to many opportunities and helped me find ways to express myself and my passion.

This place looks and feels completely different than it did when I arrived at the beginning of the semester, at the height of summer. I also feel different than I did when I came. It is only when I look back on the entirety of this experience that I can fully see the vast growth and change that has occurred. I now see the world from a new perspective.