CS15 Earth Week: Walking Softly
Lilly, Hannah, Naomi, West, Emilia, Majenta, Mitchel, Ricco, Tucker and Ellie

This semester's Earth Week Celebration took place November 6-11 with students hosting seminars during the week and an Earth Fest on Friday. The Earth Fest was a culmination of day workshops facilitated by staff, a community dinner prepared by students and the dining staff, and a contra dance. The goal for Earth Fest is to provide students time to reflect on establishing a sense of place by connecting to Lowenwood, nature, and finding meaning in a sense of home.

In one of the workshops during Earth Week, students connected through shared gratitude for the land and each other: Students went for a walk on Lowenwood to reflect on how being present in a moment is a form of gratitude. After discussing their thoughts and feelings towards gratitude they wrote a collective poem where each person had one line to express what they're grateful for in their communities and lives. The following poem was shared to the full CS15 community at the Earth Fest Dinner on Friday evening:

My home, my family, my sanctuary

Love being free. Free like the wind.

Happy fingers and toes inside our mittens and socks

Fire within me burns with passion

Adventure is found at the most unexpected times

Creating a community for lasting memories

Fulfillment of our needs by a caring community

Kindness connects people. It can be found in every action and thought.

Love radiates from every tree, entering all of our bodies and souls with each breath of fresh air.

We exhale clear, cold


We wonder what the next adventure will be.

Thank you Lilly, Hannah, Naomi, West, Emilia, Majenta, Mitchel, Ricco, Tucker and Ellie for sharing your poem!