Student Stories

One of the best windows into the Conserve School experience is through the stories told by our students. We hope you enjoy them.

Check out some stories:

Dylan, CS18, Viroqua, WI.

Phenology is the act recording what one observes in nature over time. Here is a look at several pages from spring of one student's Phenology Book.

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Picture This
Emily, CS17, Bayfield, WI

Weather rolls in quickly on Lake Superior. This is one student's experience backpacking during Exploration Week on Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

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A Sense of Place
Clayton, CS16 Student (Shorewood, WI)

...the power of the solo experience becomes clear. Through spending over 24 hours in a single area, some of the more intricate workings of this campus became familiar.

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Leaving With a Purpose
Margaret Butler

... I feel like I understand myself better and have a clearer view of my own passions and aspirations. I'm excited to further my work as an environmental steward and apply what I've learned at Conserve to my hometown and all other communities and places I live...

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Noticing the Unnoticed
Tanner, CS15, Oak Creek, WI.

"The photos from the simple camera I traveled with will be visual aids to all my peers and to me in the future, showing what we need to fight so hard to preserve and continue enjoying for our generation and generations to come."

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