Conserve School is pleased to partner with Sodexo Dining Services to provide healthy, high quality food.

Life at Conserve School is an active one for our students, who find themselves outdoors for many classes, and taking advantage of free time to explore the campus on foot, bike, boat, snowshoes, or skis. Dining Services staff carefully plan and prepare nutritious meals to support our students in living this healthy, active lifestyle, in an effort to contribute to student success.

Students and staff eat meals in Conserve School’s spacious and comfortable dining room, overlooking Little Donahue Lake. Meals are typically served cafeteria-style, allowing for student choice and portion control. All meals include choice of hot and cold beverages.


How is Conserve School's food sourced?

National Park Service

Dining Services staff work with regional distributors to purchase much of the food served in the dining room. Staff make efforts to source local or regional food as much as possible, though Conserve School’s Northwoods location makes this a considerable challenge. The growing season in the Northwoods is quite short, and local soils are not ideal for agriculture, so very little food is grown in the area.

Conserve School engages in some efforts to produce food for consumption in the dining room. Our organic, on-campus garden, with student assistance, yields some produce that is used in meal preparation, thanks to raised garden beds and “season-extending” aids, such as hoop houses and cold frames. Students also enjoy greens raised in indoor, aeroponic “tower gardens,” honey from the school’s apiary, maple syrup produced on campus each spring, and wild rice harvested in the fall from area lakes. Dining staff make the peanut butter served in the dining room, using peanuts only.

Is the food served in the dining room nutritious, or delicious?

We think it’s both! End-of-semester student surveys demonstrate consistently-high ratings of satisfaction (often 90% or more) with their dining experience at Conserve School. This is a significant feat, in light of the challenge of satisfying the needs and desires of 60 very different students. Dining Services staff work to produce meals that are both nutritious and delicious, with the goal of serving food that meets student needs for both nutrition and delicious dining.

Are there snacks available between meals?

Fresh, whole fruit is available throughout the day (typically apples, oranges, and bananas). When classes have concluded for the day, students also have access to additional healthy snacks.

Do you accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, and other special dietary needs?

We offer vegetarian options at each meal. In fact, some meals are entirely vegetarian. Those preferring a vegan diet may find their choices at times limited to the salad bar and hummus bar, as not all entrees are prepared for a vegan diet. Dining Services staff will accommodate many medically-indicated special dietary needs, including gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free diets. It may not be feasible, though, for Dining Services staff to accommodate all dietary needs and requests, including kosher diets. Prospective students with a need for a restricted diet should discuss these needs candidly with Conserve School admission and health care staff during the application and enrollment process, so that staff may determine if the school is able to satisfactorily meet a student’s dietary needs. As part of this process, Conserve School may request medical documentation of the need for a dietary accommodation.

Nutrition information from Sodexo

What's For Dinner?


Weekly Menus

In addition to the menus below we offer a salad bar, hummus bar and a toast/bread station everyday with lunch and dinner. The salad bar has 12 topping, 7 dressings and two crunchy toppings. The hummus bar has three different flavored hummus, grain based salads, flatbreads and tortilla chips. The toast/bread station showcases our homemade peanut butter using organic peanuts with no other added ingredients along with an assortment of specialty preserves and home baked whole grain breads. We also offer seasonal whole fruit all day. We also participate in Meatless Mondays.



Conserve School Recipes

Tower Gardens

A collaborative project with students and dining services. Conserve School grows tomatoes and lettuce for our dining room.

Students help maintain tower gardens.

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