Community Living

At Conserve School, students and staff actively work to create and nurture a vibrant learning community, or what we call "intentional community." The following factors contribute to healthy community life:

Residential Living: Students live in one of two residential houses, which include:

  • A private bedroom for each student
  • A bathroom shared by each pair of students ("suitemates")
  • A common space in each wing of ten student rooms
  • A common "living-room" space for each house
  • Shared laundry rooms in each house
  • Supervision provided by Teaching Fellows, who live in apartments adjacent to student wings in each house

Shared Meals: Students eat all meals in our communal dining room. All staff enjoy weekday lunches with students, and many staff choose to join students for other meals.

Campus Stewardship: Students contribute to the functioning of the school by helping care for the kitchen and dining room, participating in twice-weekly cleaning of the residential houses, and helping with other campus improvement projects (such as tending the organic garden, removing invasive species, maintaining campus trails, collecting and processing maple sap, and caring for campus beehives).

Recreation: Staff members offer student recreational activities for after-school and weekend hours, enjoying the opportunity to learn and play with students.

Reflection and Discussion: Students meet weekly in their residential houses to discuss issues of importance to their house community.