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Thank you for visiting the Conserve School Parent Portal. The resources in this section are primarily intended for use by families with students enrolled at Conserve School.

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Report of Physical Exam

For Accepted Students Only

Conserve School requires that each student submit evidence of a physical exam within the twelve months prior to Move In Day. Please download the attached file to submit to your health care physician. 

NOTE: If your child has had an exam and it falls into the twelve month window, please use the Supplemental Exam Form and have your child's physician fill out the form based on the prior exam. For the fall semester, all students must have had an exam within twelve months prior to August 23, 2019 and for spring semester all exams must be within twelve months prior to January 25, 2020.

Click here to download the Report of Physical Exam - Please print, to be completed by your child's physician.

Click here for the Supplemental Exam Form (If you child has had a physical exam within 12 months prior to Move In Day).

Sample Contract

Community Handbook

Move in Day Schedule

Move-In Day Travel Arrangements


Students arriving by car with their parents/guardians should plan to be here by 1:00 pm at the latest as stations close at 3:00 pm.

Students arriving solo by air (unaccompanied) should arrive at either the Rhinelander (RHI) or Wausau (CWA) airport the day prior to Move In Day (Thursday). Conserve School provides free shuttle arrangements for these students.

Detailed Instructions:

Please note that registration and move-in activities on move-in day will require several hours of your time. Registration begins at 9:00 AM, and we ask that all families arrive by at least 1:00 pm as stations close at 3:00 pm. We ask that parents depart campus no later than 5:00 PM on Move In Day, when we will begin student orientation activities. Please consider this when making travel arrangements. If a student will be flying to Conserve unaccompanied by a parent, we require you to make arrangements for a flight that arrives in the afternoon or evening of the day prior to move-in (Thursday). At the end of the semester, we require that students who will be flying home unaccompanied by a parent make arrangements for a flight on Sunday morning following Saturday's Semester Celebration and move-out day. All other students must leave campus by 5:00 PM on the Saturday of the Semester Celebration.

When making flight arrangements, we suggest that you consider flying into and out of either Rhinelander - Oneida County Airport (airport code RHI) in Rhinelander, located about an hour from campus, or Central Wisconsin Airport (airport code CWA) in Mosinee, located about 2.5 hours from campus. For students flying unaccompanied by a parent, Conserve School will provide shuttle service to or from RHI (free of charge), or to or from CWA (for $50/student). We are unable to provide shuttle service to or from any other airport.


Please consult the appropriate semester calendar for exact dates and times of move-in, move-out, and holiday break.


Airport Shuttle Information

Conserve School will arrange airport shuttles for enrolled students flying to or from campus unaccompanied by a parent. The shuttle service is provided for students flying into or out of Rhinelander Airport (RHI) or Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA). This service is offered to students at the beginning and end of each semester, and for Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break, for no charge to or from the Rhinelander Airport, and for a charge of $50/student to or from Central Wisconsin Airport. The service to either airport is available to students throughout the semester, if necessitated by special circumstances (such as a family emergency), for an additional fee of at least $100 to or from (RHI) and at least $150 to or from CWA.

Parents should notify the Student Life if there is a need for the shuttle service. The parent will be asked to send the student’s complete flight itinerary to Student Life Staff, to assist in arranging airport shuttles. At that time, if applicable, the parent will be notified of the cost of the shuttle. Once the shuttles are arranged, the Student life will hire a driver to run the shuttle.


How will a student arriving at the airport identify a Conserve School driver?

Our driver is given a sign that states “Conserve School” for easy identification by the student. The driver will hold this sign at the gate for inbound flights.

What happens if the airport shuttle departure from school or flight is delayed due to inclement weather or other circumstance?

During school office hours, the Student Services Office will work with the drivers regarding any issues that may arise with the airport shuttles. After hours, evenings or weekends, the Administrator-on-Call (AOC) will work with the drivers. The AOC is available 24/7.

If the airport shuttle departure is delayed at school due to inclement weather, the driver will call the AOC. The AOC will call the parent to advise them of the circumstance and make a new arrangement with the parent. The AOC will then call the driver with the new arrangement.

If an outbound airport shuttle is delayed on campus because a student is tardy to the departing shuttle, the driver will first call the student’s cell phone. If there is no answer, the driver will call the SOD (staff-on-duty) to locate the student. If there is still no answer, the driver will call the AOC, who will go over to the house and locate the student. If there are other students on this shuttle, the driver will wait no more than 10 minutes, so that other students do not miss their flights. If the shuttle leaves campus without a student, the AOC will call the parent to make other arrangements.

If the student’s flight is delayed on the first-time arrival to school, parents are asked to call our AOC to make new arrangements. The AOC will then notify the driver of any changes.

If there is a problem with the flight either at the airport or during the flight, students are instructed to first call their parents who will work with the student and airline personnel to make the necessary arrangements to rectify the situation. If the student is unable to reach their parent, students are advised to call the AOC (715-547-1400) who will work with the student for a positive outcome to the situation.

What if the flight is cancelled and/or the student does not arrive on the scheduled inbound flight?

The driver will call the AOC to inform the AOC of the details and wait at the airport for further instruction. The AOC will call the parent and find out the circumstance and then call the driver for final arrangement.

Does the driver just drop off the outbound student at the airport?

Before the driver leaves for an airport shuttle, a copy of the student’s flight itinerary is given to the driver (as well as to the AOC) to assist the student at the airport while checking in, downloading a boarding pass, etc. The Conserve School driver will stay at the boarding location in the terminal until the plane leaves the tarmac in the event there is a problem with the flight and the plane needs to turn around. If the driver is taking additional students to another airport, they will leave their cell phone number with the student(s) and tell them to call if there are any issues with the flight. The driver would then be able to return to original airport if needed.  If this situation occurs, the driver will stay with the student and call the AOC.  The AOC will call their parent to arrange another flight.  The driver will wait at the airport with the student until further instruction from the AOC. 

What are the safety guidelines for passengers being transported in a Conserve School vehicle?

Prior to putting the vehicle into motion, the driver will brief all passengers to:

  • Fasten their seat belts and remain seated while the vehicle is moving.
  • Keep noise to a minimum so as not to distract the driver.
  • Behave appropriately. Unruly behavior in a vehicle may distract the driver.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle.

Room Information

Each student has their own room with a shared bathroom (sink and shower) in between every two rooms. The room has a desk that is 72" long and 29" high with three drawers, an XL twin bed with storage drawers underneath and a closet with drawers, shelves and a coat rack all in one.

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