Winter on Norwich Trail
Michael Salat, History Teacher
Students snowshoeing on a trail

After having to postpone our original outing due to the blizzard conditions that swept through the region we were able to visit the Norwich Mine. This semester Environmental Citizenship joined forces with Outdoor Skills for a grand inter-disciplinary adventure snowshoeing the 3+ miles with over 4 feet of snow covering the ground. The conditions were absolutely perfect for experiencing the rich history of the region, tackling the challenges of snowshoeing in very deep snow and learning to identify animal tracks present in the snow.

Trail map sign

The Environmental Citizenship class spent time exploring the issue of mining and the impacts it leaves on our land. The Norwich Mine location, (20 minutes south of The Porcupine Mountains), has a magnificent interpretive trail that tells the story of the mining operations that pulled copper from the ground from 1847 through 1858. Seeing the mining site gives students a chance to experience history in a unique and physical way and connect that past to the present.

Students resting

The Outdoor Skills class focused on animal tracking and how to properly prepare for strenuous winter travel. The combined field trip was a fantastic opportunity of inter-disciplinary learning where students could explore the human history of the land while also paying attention to how the land can recover.

Hiking up hill on snowshoes
History teacher reading to students outside
Students on trail


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