SOAR and Conserve
Michael Harbor, Ecology Teaching Fellow
Middle Schoolers learning about winter tracking

SOAR Charter School is a middle school based in Land O’ Lakes, WI in the Northland Pines School District. They are approximately a 5-minute drive from Conserve School, so it is natural to have a relationship where we can host ecology programs on our campus with their students. SOAR Charter School offers project-based learning, which means they give their students the tools to understand problems and realize creative solutions. This encourages their students to gain the knowledge to become independent leaders in their communities while taking on their own projects. 

Lake Ecology with Soar

Currently, SOAR Charter School hosts 57 very talented 5th – 8th graders. 
Conserve School and SOAR Charter School are not only linked by geographical location, but also by a shared love of the Northwoods. Often, SOAR students travel to Conserve to participate in specialized programming. Some examples include tracking, night hikes, winter lake ecology, and owl adaptations. They participate in these activities as often as 3-4 times per semester. 

Ice auguring a hole to collect water sample

Currently, our shared goal between the two institutions is to create a substantial list of programs that we can offer to any school willing to participate in programming here at Conserve School as well as instilling a deeper understanding of the Northwoods into students that don’t always get the chance to experience it. 

Students doing Lake Ecology
Collecting water sample on Big Donahue Lake

As a special treat sometimes Soar students even get the opportunity to use the Conserve School sledding hill!

Photos Contributed by Kate Houle, Communications Specialist and Jennifer Anderson, Enrollment and Marketing Associate. 


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