Skiing and Climate Change
Michael Salat, History Teacher
teacher lecturing while standing on sledding hill on skis

The ski industry has a huge problem that may destroy their business. The winter season is shrinking across the globe and the ski industry is obviously dependent on winter. The question we explored in class was whether the ski industry and the people who love to ski are doing enough to help. The Environmental Citizenship class took a look at this issue with a lesson that combined some thought-provoking questions along with some fun on skis. 

I am passionate about snow and the fun we can have on skis, both downhill, and cross-country.  It just seemed to me that I had to incorporate a lesson in the class that included some skiing and how climate change will impact skiing. The lesson revolves around an opinion piece from the New York Times by Porter Fox titled, Why Can’t Rich People Save Winter?

We also looked at the organization POW – Protect Our Winters to see how they are advocating to help keep our winters cold and snowy.  As we enjoyed some skiing on the Conserve School sledding hill we had a chance to think about our role as environmental citizens and if we are doing enough to keep skiing alive for future generations as well as the industry itself. Students felt that the ski industry can and needs to do more to address the problem.  

students having a discussion on the sledding hill
Drone Shot of students skiing
Student skiing
teenager skiing
students skiing down the sledding hill
Student skiing
students hiking up the sledding hill
Students getting ready to ski

- Drone photo contributed by Rob Houle, Technology and Media Specialist.

- Other photos contributed by, Stefan Anderson, Head of School.

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