LNT Master Educators
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

This summer, Rebecca Rand, Outdoor Skills teacher, and Paul Lovaas, Director of Recreational Programs, completed their “front country,” Leave No Trace, Master Educator Training. The training was over five days at the Landmark Learning Center in North Carolina. In this program, they learned new techniques for teaching LNT. They had the opportunity to practice these techniques at the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

Another aspect of the program was learning about the accreditation and application process for hosting and facilitating official LNT Awareness Workshops and Trainer Courses. Additionally, they were able to “witness and learn about a variety of natural and cultural resources in western North Carolina, including native Cherokee history, river corridor ecology, and through one all-too-close encounter, copperhead snakes! Yikes! Happily, we do not have those here in Wisconsin!

Having Rebecca and Paul certified as LNT Master Educators gives Conserve School the ability to offer official LNT Awareness and Trainer workshops! It also furthers the mission of LNT as well by creating broader reach and awareness about LNT principles. Future LNT programs at Conserve School will result in certification from and connection to the LNT Center for Outdoor Ethics for those who participate. Now staff and students will be able to take one more credential with them after their Conserve School experience!




Here is a link to Landmark Learning and the course description.  

Photos and information contributed by Rebecca Rand and Paul Lovaas.



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