Essential Oil Workshop
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

Throughout the semester our Adjunct Social Worker, Jamie Fiorucci, in addition to holding office hours has offered afterschool activities, workshops, and seminars for staff and students. These opportunities focus on stress relief and mindfulness techniques. Jamie often partners with another staff member to offer these programs. She feels that this a wonderful opportunity to interact, integrate with, and get to know the Conserve School community better. She also really enjoys sharing tools that she finds helpful or useful in daily life.

Table with essential oils

On April 6, students had the opportunity to make their own Essential Oil Roller Ball. Jamie and Donelle Scaffidi, Assistant Director of Student Life assisted students in learning about the different oils and their various healing properties. Students were able to select the oil they felt beneficial to them, such as orange and peppermint for energy, lavender, and cypress for relaxation, lemongrass for muscle strain or insect repellant and cedarwood for cold or allergy symptom relief. 

Student creating an essential oil roller ball

Some students made blends of several oils and others preferred one specific oil. With a number of options to choose from, each student had different needs and preferences. The overall turnout and feedback from the workshop were quite positive. The simple act of creating a personal oil was relaxing in and of itself. And it was nice for the participants to have something that they made to take away from the activity. More essential oil workshops and mindfulness activities will be held in the future for both staff and students to enjoy.


Information contributed by Jamie Fiorucci, Adjunct Social Worker.

Photos contributed by Donelle Scaffidi, Assistant Director of Student Life.



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