CS18 Recognition Ceremony
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

The CS18 Spring Semester has officially come to a close. The last weekend of the semester is bittersweet with both much socializing and ceremony.  There is the final dinner, the gift of engraved canoe paddles, the closing circle where everyone is given the opportunity to reflect on their semester and talk about moments and memories that stand out to them; then everyone goes back outside to the candlelight circle and declares a singular hope for the future.  For students, they then have the option of participating in a supervised lock-in in the Lowenstein Recreation Center (LRC) for their final night on campus. In the morning, parents start arriving.

On Saturday, family members arrive on campus for lunch and the commissioning of the new class of students. All semesters are special, but this semester, Conserve School and Head of School, Stefan Anderson, commissioned the schools 1000th student! This was both exciting and momentous for the Conserve School community!

To watch the CS18 Semester Celebration and Recognition Ceremony speech and musical performance videos from CS18, check out our Youtube Playlist.  

Cover photo contributed by, Stefan Anderson, Head of School.


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