Congratulations Emily Hayne
Jennifer Anderson, Enrollment and Marketing Associate

Emily Hayne, a Conserve School Environmental Education Teaching Fellow, spent the 2018-2019 academic year as a graduate candidate in northern Indiana at Goshen College. Interested in environmental stewardship and connecting people to their social and ecological communities, Emily decided to pursue an advanced degree after working at Conserve School for three years. After an intensive program of academic courses, ecological fieldwork, teaching practicums and research, she was awarded a Master of Arts in Environmental Education. 

Emily lived and learned at the 1,189 acres of Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College. During this 11-month program, she studied the natural history of the southern Great Lakes, environmental leadership, and sustainability issues and solutions. Emily worked with hundreds of K-12 students from schools across Indiana. In addition, she spent three weeks at Andros Island of the Bahamas working with students to explore and learn about their local mangrove and forest ecosystems. In May 2019 Emily presented her research on transformative learning to Goshen College professors and the graduate cohort. She shared qualitative data on the transformative learning of participants of the Sustainability Leadership Semester, a semester program through Goshen College that in a similar manner to Conserve School, immerses students in hands-on, experiential and place-based learning. Since completing her Master’s degree Emily rejoined the Conserve School community in June, completing invasive species removal work in the Ottawa National Forest, working with visiting school groups and team-teaching the elective course, Stewardship in Action. 


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