Caminar y conversar
Miriam Sellers, Spanish Teaching Fellow

Most Mondays and Fridays students in Spanish class begin their morning walking campus trails and talking with each other in Spanish. Caminar y conversar, as it is referred to in Spanish, is a peaceful way to start the day by enjoying the beauty of the surrounding woods and lakes while engaging in conversations with peers. Each walk offers an opportunity to delve further into discussion topics from class, ranging from travels and festivals to music, sports and technology. Even on chilly winter days, students bundle up to go out walking and talking. Our route depends on the day. Sometimes we tromp through the snow along the single track trail by Little Donahue Lake. Other days we stroll through the inner campus loop. These morning walks get our brains thinking in Spanish mode while also appreciating the natural beauty around us.

Walking and talking outside in Spanish class
Three Spanish students conversing
group of Spanish students walking and conversing in Spanish
Spanish class group walk and talk


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