Staff Stories

Fulbright Norway
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

Teaching Fellow, Martha Torstenson was awarded a Fulbright in Norway researching seasonal adaptations and how they relate to resilience to climate change.

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Bogs by Night
Leanna Jackan, Science Teacher

Science Teacher, Leanna Jackan hosted a late night candlelight bog hike where students explored both folktales and scientific explanations of bogs.

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Solo Prep
Haley Chelsvig, Outdoor Skills Teaching Fellow

Yesterday, with excitement, students embarked on their Solo trips, a mainstay of the Conserve School experience.

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Fun with Fungi
Shelby Roback, Stewardship Teaching Fellow

Students explored the world of fungi both artistically and scientifically. Learning about and hunting mushrooms in the forest and then painting them in the art room.

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Time Traveling
Jeff Rennicke, English Teacher

The Five Lake Loop is a favorite lesson for both students and teachers alike! It is a combined History and English lesson that traverses the Sylvania.

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Edible Harvest
Eleva Potter, Stewardship in Action Teacher

In Stewardship class students harvested wild edibles, made delicious recipes, and came up with their own guidelines for harvesting with respect and for sustainability.

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New Camper on Staff
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

Our new English Teaching Fellow, Noah, from Detroit has shared a journal entry from his first camping trip in the Sylvania Wilderness during a staff training expedition.

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Educational Sustainability
Eleva Potter, Stewardship in Action Teacher

The summer residency for UW-Steven Point's new Doctorate of Education in Education Sustainability took place at Conserve School. Doctoral students from California, Rhode Island, Maryland, Beijing and Wisconsin met to present what they learned in the first year of their program.

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