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Winter Workshop at WAEE
Emily Hayne, Environmental Ed. Teaching Fellow 

The Wisconsin Association of Environmental Education (WAEE) hosts an annual winter workshop in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, at Treehaven to bring together educators, community members, and organizations to learn about topics central to environmental stewardship. The Vision of WAEE is to "communicate, connect and advocate for a sustainable, resilient Wisconsin." This January, the workshop was co-facilitated by Conserve School's Director of Conservation Programming, Eleva Potter.

The theme of Expanding the Vision provided workshop sessions and activities around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Environmental Literacy & Sustainability Standards, Farm/Garden Education, Indigenous Knowledge, Next Generation Science Standards, Outdoor Education, Social-Emotional Learning, Sustainability Education, and Wildlife Education. Presenters from around the state of Wisconsin engaged workshop participants, tying these themes into community science, outdoor education, classroom learning, garden classrooms, and Ojibwe history. 

Nine Conserve School staff members attended the WAEE Winter Workshop. Of this group, five presented on topics that are relevant not only for Conserve School but for the greater environmental education community. Teaching fellow Maddy King and I gave a presentation on "Inspiring Young People to be Environmental Stewards and Leaders through Emotional Intelligence and Science Learning." Eleva Potter and teaching fellow Maia Stack engaged participants with a session on "Learning Tools for the Classroom to Help Students Explore Systems Thinking and Environmental Justice." On the last day of the workshop, Conserve School teaching fellow, Adam Scott encouraged people to address the state of environmentalism and the challenges we face from climate change with a grounding sense of hope in a workshop titled, "Work that Reconnects: How to Face the Mess We're In." My colleagues in environmental education, and I always look forward to WAEE events. It was wonderful to have so many attendees and presenters with inspiring workshops from Conserve School this winter.

Photos contributed by Emily Hayne, Environmental Education Teaching Fellow.