• Spanish
Vamos a cocinar
Miraim Sellers, Spanish Teaching Fellow

Spanish students took a trip around the Spanish-speaking gastronomic world and became international chefs, bringing the taste of España (Spain) and México to Spanish class! 

Three students preparing avocado

First, the chefs took on the task of preparing tortilla de patatas, a typical dish of Spain similar to an omelet. They sliced patatas (potatoes) and cebolla (onions), pan fried them in aceite de oliva (olive oil), then cooked them with huevos (eggs). 

Students presenting a dish

Students then journeyed across the ocean to México for some guacamole and pico de gallo. Guacamole, originally from the Aztecs, is traditionally made using a mocajete, the Mexican version of a mortar and pestle. The chefs mashed aguacate (avocado), ajo (garlic), cilantro, cebolla (onion), lime juice and sal (salt) together in the mocajete to get the perfect texture.

Students with food

While one group prepared guacamole, the others prepared pico de gallo, a salsa popular in Mexican cuisine. The chefs chopped tomate (tomato), cebolla (onion) and cilantro, and then added a taste of picante (spicy) jalapeno. A truly flavorful lesson!

Students sitting around a dining table