• Staff Stories
The New Norm
Jennifer Anderson, Enrollment and Marketing Associate

It’s hard to believe that only a little over a month ago, our students and families were together on campus for Family Weekend. Students had two more weeks of school before spring break, which began on March 20th.  In those two weeks, the semester experience for CS20 students took an unexpected turn. One word is all that is necessary to explain the change of events: COVID-19.   

Since that time, our vocabulary has expanded to include phrases such as, drive through testing, flattening the curve, social distancing, physical distancing, shelter in place, safer at home, hunkering down, herd immunity, patient zero, zoom-bombing, and the “new norm.” 

Now, five weeks after Family Weekend, CS20 continues their semester experience remotely. The new norm for our students and for our staff is not desirable nor easy, yet is a necessity in this time of worldwide pandemic. Leaving Lowenwood and the immediate community was hard for CS20 students. Spring break gave everyone a chance to rest up, settle in, and begin to make sense of how to accept the “new norm.”  

We are currently in our second week as a remote learning community. The staff has been and continues to strive to work hard to keep our community connected. Examples include daily morning community meetings, staff meetings, student and staff input for distance student activities, optional challenges such a remote room checks, staff trivia, student trivia, sharing signs of spring, and remote support by our adjunct social worker. Teachers have spent many hours redesigning their curriculum to provide a remote delivery that best works for the students. Plans for a remote end of the semester celebration are being formed as we look forward not backward and cherish the moments we have together as a community, even though we are spread across the country.  

This month marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. With our “new norm,” perhaps now is the time, as life has slowed down, to focus more on getting outdoors and working to preserve the Earth. Take a look at www.EarthDay.org, specifically the news and stories page. Click here, for ideas that give hope and  earth-friendly actions that one can take during this time of the “new norm.”