• Art
The First Day of Earth Art
Nancy Schwartz and Robert Eady, Art Teachers

On the first day of Earth Art students took a journey to the Sahel of Africa and nestled under a Bedouin tent to share three thimble fulls of green/mint tea. Nancy and Robert shared stories and crafts from their experiences in the Peace Corps and other global travels. The crafts that students examined were evidence of the resources available to people in different parts of the world…..the palm leaf woven into a basket with goat leather decoration, a box made of salt from the Sal de Uyuni in Bolivia, pottery from Mexico – red or black depending on how it was fired, various instruments, toys and other useful expressive objects.

Sitting in a circle on the ground around camel hair blankets everyone introduced themselves telling about what they hoped to do and learn during the semester. It was an introduction to the sharing and exploration everyone hopes to partake in over the weeks as students learn skills in crafts using local resources along with drawing and painting their lives here. The day was warm as was the sweet tea and the hopes and imaginings of the new, eager, enthusiastic, adventurous students!

Photos Courtesy of: Nancy Schwartz and Robert Eady