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Spanish Class: Moments of Mindfulness
Kathleen O'Connor, Spanish Teacher

One of the first steps towards inspiring stewardship in others, is to help them find ways to deepen their connections to the earth and their awareness of themselves. During the first week of classes this fall, Spanish language students engaged in some moments of mindfulness wherein they were led in Spanish through an activity that focused on cultivating their sense of connection to nature and their experience of nature.

Spanish Language Students sitting on benches in meditation.

To take time out of the day to pay attention to who we are and how we are as human beings interacting with our environment is an important way to increase our understanding of the life around us and our own lives. It is also a fantastic way for students to focus, to be present in the moment, and to be open to learning. In addition, mindfulness can help students to manage stress in a healthy way. Last but certainly not least, practicing mindfulness in Spanish provides students an opportunity to practice listening and thinking in Spanish while enhancing their abilities to concentrate, to reflect, and to think critically. These are all skills that are essential to the understanding of language and culture.

Photos Courtesy of: Kathleen O'Connor