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Snow Much Fun!
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

Spring Semester at Conserve School always involves an abundance of snow. This semester is no different, as there is currently no shortage of snow in the Northwoods! According to our campus statistics, carefully recorded by our resident snow enthusiast, Phil DeLong, Director of Student Support and Teaching Fellow Coordinator, we have had over 106 inches of snowfall so far this season.

One might wonder what people do when there is this much snow? For a school whose mission has an outdoor focus, this means that we all learn to dress for the extreme cold, participate in outdoor activities in the snow and, yes, even have fun in the snow. In addition to an endless array of after school activities as well as recreational opportunities like skiing and snowshoeing, many classes take place outside in the snow, from Outdoor Skills to Science, History, English, Earth Art, and Photography. Explore the Conserve School experience in the heart of winter. Read the stories in this newsletter, as well as the stories and photos below from teachers and students that highlight both fun and learning in the snow!

Student and Staff Stories:


     Snow Hike to Hammocking




     Ice Town 2020





     Skiing the Gogebic Iron Range





     Lake Labyrinth





     The "Conserve Kortelopet" 





Also, check out these fun photo galleries of students making the most of and embracing our Northwoods Winter!  

Cutting Ice in History Class 

Land O' Lakes Three Bear Sled Dog Race Volunteering

CS20 (Spring 2020) Orientation Weekend 

Weekend Campout 

Frozen Jeans Artwork 

Ending the Day at Sunset Point

Attempting to Photosynthesize in Science