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Skiing the Gogebic Iron Range
Michael Salat, History Teacher

It has been said that sliding over the snow on skis feels like flying. Wouldn't we all love to fly?

This past weekend 40 students, along with five staff members, all got a chance to fly over the snow at Blackjack Mountain in Bessemer, MI. Ski trips, as a weekend activity, have been a winter tradition at Conserve School since the inception of the school, helping fulfill one of James Lowenstine's goals of having students learn to ski. I have been fortunate to lead these trips for many years, and they continue to bring me great joy. I love seeing the look on a beginner skier's face as they figure out how to properly control their speed and make a solid turn. I appreciate seeing advanced skiers try something new or help their friends learn the craft of skiing. 

As a history teacher, taking students to the Upper Peninsula is special to me as well. I am passionate about sharing this region's history with students. Downhill skiing has been a large part of the economy since the closing of the mines. Additionally, the fresh air and beauty of the Upper Peninsula Big Snow Resort area are an undeniable draw. I realize that we are privileged to be able to make these ski trips. I believe we all come away from a day of skiing, understanding our good fortune and feeling grateful to be able to fly down the slopes of Michigan's Gogebic Iron Range.

Photos contributed by Michael Salat, History Teacher.