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"Ringmaker" Charles
Robert Eady, Earth Art Teacher

The Earth Art students had the bounty of spending some time with guest artist, Charles Nickles. Charles led the students through the process of making wooden rings. Charles lives and works in Milwaukee, WI and uses local materials in his craft. The students made use of local woods such as, maple, juniper, and pine. Charles also brought along some other woods, i.e., cypress, black locust and bamboo, rot resistant and beautifully grained woods that are used in his other work, which involves designing and building “Playscapes”.

Students woodworking

“Ringmaker” Charles (as the students came to call him) led another workshop on the weekend that all students, as well as many staff members, were able to attend. The end products of the students’ work during the sessions were quite beautiful and several will be gifted in the upcoming holiday season.

ring making
student learning to make wooden ring
ring making
wooden ring

Photos contributed by, Robert Eady, Earth Art Teacher.