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La mesa de español
Miriam Sellers, Spanish Teaching Fellow

Every Thursday at lunchtime, the sounds of Spanish can be heard in the dining hall as students and faculty members converse together at La mesa de español. Peruvian, Cuban and Honduran flags decorate the table.  Notecards with prompts written by students assist participants in sparking further conversation. ¿Cómo estás hoy? How are you today? ¿Adónde te gustaría viajar? Where would you like to travel? ¿Cuales son tus actividades preferidas al aire libre? What are your preferred outdoor activities? 

La mesa de español offers the opportunity to use Spanish beyond the classroom. In many Hispanic countries, mealtime is a focus for conversation and spending time together. La mesa de español simulates this experience for our Conserve community. Language is about communication and making connections. At La mesa de español, students connect with each other as well as form deeper connections to Hispanic cultures.

Students at Spanish Table
Students eating lunch
Spanish Table at Lunch

Photos contributed by, Miriam Sellers, Spanish language Teaching Fellow.