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Guest Printmaker
Robert Eady, Earth Art Teacher
Students watching print making demonstration

A Visit to Conserve School by master printer Bruce Crownover:

During this past Earth Week at Conserve School, the students had the pleasure of visiting with and observing a working master printer, Bruce Crownover. Since 1994, Bruce has been working as a Master Printer at Tandem Press at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In 2010, he began working on a collaborative project, The Last Glacier. He and two other artists visited the glaciers in Glacier National Park both to document the beauty and grandeur of the glaciers and to create a document that can serve as a historical record of climate change in Glacier National Park. 

Students learning how to make relief carvings

During Earth Week Bruce shared the mornings with students in the Earth Art class guiding and accompanying them in their learning about reduction printmaking. Students were very engaged in the activity and were even able to create some remarkable prints of their own using the process. During the afternoons, Bruce did his work in a makeshift studio set up in the gathering space, demonstrating what it is like to work as a creative artist and took the time to visit with the students about his life and work.  

students engaged in art instruction

At Earth Fest on Friday, Bruce gave a presentation to students about previous, current and upcoming projects. Besides The Last Glacier, projects include documenting the glaciers in Rocky Mountain National Park and later this summer on Baffin Island at the Penny Ice Cap, which is thought to be what remains of the Laurentide Ice Sheet that covered a sizable portion of the North American Continent. Also during Earth Week, a copy of The Last Glacier resided at Conserve School. A kind of reverential experience for the students as they put on cotton gloves to page through the art prints in the book. Other places where The Last Glacier books and artworks are viewable include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, US Library of Congress, Yale University, Stanford University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and several other prestigious locations.

priceless book and white gloves
Student practicing printing technique
Student making a yellow and purple print
student looking at her artwork
Guest teacher demonstrating printmaking technique

Photos contributed by, Robert Eady, Earth Art Teacher.