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Earth Weavings
Nancy Schwartz, Earth Art Teacher

Earth Art students have spent this glorious week outside building looms between trees and making earth weavings. The eight weavings are around the Commons area and students and staff pass by them every day watching them change with time. 

Earth Art Weaving

The looms were built by lashing poles between trees and tying a warp between the poles. Students have searched the woods and roadsides to find vegetation, birch bark, sticks, even fungus to weave into their tapestries. We’ve all made close observations of the colors, patterns and details in these natural materials and we have been struck by their beauty, intricacy and design!

Art students weaving with natural materials

This project requires collaboration between students as they decide what they will use in their weavings and how they will design them. Students are learning about the textile art of weaving while discovering something of the complexity of the natural world and, in so doing, weaving a community!

Weaving by Earth Art students
student peaking through earth art weaving
Students display their weaving
working on an outdoor weaving with leaves and bark
students working together
students admiring their progress on their earth art weaving

Photos contributed by Jennifer Anderson