• Stewardship
CS18 Class TAPs
Eleva Potter, Assist. Dir. Student Instruction

This past week in Stewardship in Action Class students participated in a Class Taking Action Project in which they chose a project they wanted to work on, created goals and a timeline and talked to key players to get advice and permission. In Block 3 students wanted to work on being able to grow food during the winter months and educate future semesters on how to do that.

First, they talked to Scott in the kitchen about how to use the Grow Towers. The students learned how to take them apart, wash them, and put them back together so that they’re ready to use for next semester. The students also helped with the compost systems by shoveling compost from the kitchen into our pallet compost bins made for a Class Taking Action Project last semester. They also created a pamphlet and marketing materials for next semester’s Sustainability Club to continue working on the compost system and Grow Towers.

Thanks, Block 3 for all your hard work!

For their Class Taking Action Project, the students in Block 2 chose to make videos to educate future semesters about sustainability, recreation, and ecology on campus. Chloe and Melissa B made a video about sustainability in the houses and talked about turning off lights, washing shower curtains and how to compost and recycle correctly. Max, Hatcher, and Zach highlighted the beauty of the trails and how to enjoy them with friends. Willa and Daisy showed how to compost correctly in the Dining Hall and how Wasteless Wednesday food weighing works. Emma A. and Melissa E interviewed Ecology Teaching Fellow Michael H. about how to turn maple sap into delicious maple syrup, complete with a bloopers reel! 

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