Wild Winter Teas
Kate Houle

Eleva Potter, the lead stewardship teacher hosted one of the first Stewardship Seminars of CS16. Stewardship seminars can be hosted by faculty or students with a Stewardship Teacher sponsor. These seminars offer "educational opportunities to further enhance topics studied in the Stewardship course" and are typically offered two to three times per week. Each student is required to participate in seven seminars per semester and usually participate in more because they are an enjoyable learning opportunity.

In Eleva's seminar, Wild Winter Teas, "students brainstormed how to sustainably and respectfully harvest wild edibles. They were then split into 5 groups to harvest White Pine, Balsam Fir, Eastern Hemlock, and Northern White Cedar. Each group presented how to identify these trees and what properties the teas have, like vitamins and minerals. They steeped the needles in a French Press and enjoyed the different teas with honey and maple syrup."