Family Weekend Fun for All
Stefan Anderson

CS16 held Family Weekend March 9 through the 11th on the snowy, beautiful Conserve School campus. Families had many opportunities to experience a slice of the life their students live every day at Conserve School.

The weekend began with breakfast on Friday followed by the opportunity for families to shadow the students. Families enjoyed Art, Photography, Leadership, Spanish, Math, Environmental Science, History, English, and Outdoor Skills right alongside their special CS16 students. They toured the Green Machine in Environmental Science and learned about fire building in English. They tapped maple trees in Outdoor Skills and learned about snow avalanches in History. They created family portraits and family seals. It was a busy academic day. After school, families explored campus on skis and snowshoes, or spent time on the sledding hill. Many families took their students out for dinner to one of the many great restaurants in the Land O' Lakes area.

On Saturday morning, parents and guardians had a chance to speak with individual teachers during parent/teacher conferences, before a hearty lunch in the dining room. After some food, the student store was open for parents to stock-up on Conserve School gear and load their students up with snacks and ice cream. During the afternoon students introduced their families to their favorite spots on campus or left campus to explore some of the area's scenic attractions like the frozen Bond Falls. After dinner on Saturday, the community came together for a slide show featuring images from the semester. A sometimes-raucous Open Mic Night followed the slide show in the LAB Gathering Space.

After the activities and fun, families departed campus on Sunday morning tired, but with a renewed sense of appreciation for Lowenwood and the Conserve School experience.

Students compare their art skills to those of their parents

Learning to Build a Fire in English class

Reading an avalanche story in History class

Completing teamwork and leadership drills in Leadership class

Interesting Family Portraits in Photography Class

Mild Northern Lights put in an appearance on Friday night