Elijah Ourth and Fjällräven Polar
Wilderness Teaching Fellow, Emily Hayne

Elijah Ourth, a student from CS11, is a first year student at Northland College. Two years after being a student at Conserve School, Elijah reflects on how Conserve School continues to impact him today, "I would say that going to Conserve just made me more aware that there are still wild and natural places left in the United States and that people can still call these places home." At Conserve School, we spend time reflecting and discussing how to have a meaningful connection to the environment and gain a sense of place. Wanting to find more places that instill this feeling of home, Elijah's determination brought him abroad after Conserve School.

Elijah has expanded his idea of "home" by spending his senior year of high school in Sweden. He shares, "Sweden really opened my eyes to another part of the world and a country with a huge focus on the outdoors as a part of everyday life. It gave me the opportunity to travel. Also, it showed me the place I want to settle down and work when I grow up, bringing Sweden's sustainability methods to other parts of the world."

According to Elijah, "In the future I just want to try and be outside as much as possible doing whatever it is that gets me there. Like most people from Conserve, I think I hope to travel the world more and just see as much as I can." Currently a contestant for the Fjällräven Polar, Elijah may have the opportunity to participate in a 300 km dog sled journey in Norway and Sweden. This deserving alum values experiences outdoors, connecting to people and places. Help Elijah meet his goal by voting by December 14th! Click on the link below.