Educational Sustainability
Eleva Potter, Stewardship in Action Teacher

The summer residency for UW-Steven Point's new Doctorate of Education in Education Sustainability took place at Conserve School from June 18-21. Doctoral students from California, Rhode Island, Maryland, Beijing and Wisconsin met in Steven's Point where Cohort I presented what they learned in their first year in the program and their interest areas in the field of Sustainable Education. The rest of the week was filled with presentations on Sense of Place, bibliography programs, Systems Thinking, class introductions, and Climate Change and Soil, as well as, time to bike, kayak and enjoy a fancy dinner with a jazz trio on the last night. This week together at Conserve School allowed students and professors to learn and play together and helped to create a learning community. Conserve School teacher Eleva Potter joined the program to better understand how to incorporate Educational Sustainability into the Stewardship in Action class.

Professors and Students at Conserve School. Doctoral Students gathered in front of the LAB

Jazz Trio for the final evening. Jazz Trio in the gathering space

Learning about Conserve School's garden. UWSP Grad Students in the CS garden.

Cohorts I & II at UWSP. Doc. Cohort at UWSP


Closing activity, we are all connected! Closing activity with interconnected strings in the gathering space.

Photos contributed by Eleva Potter and UWSP