CS16 Celebration and Ceremony
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

CS16 ended on a very high note, with quite possibly the most beautiful weather and mosquito-free Exploration Week imaginable! During this week long backpacking trip on foot and by canoe, each Exploration Group enjoyed sunny days, crisp, breezy air, and mild temperatures. We still are not sure that the students fully grasp how truly lucky they were. It was camping weather at it's finest!

Shortly after their return from Exploration Week to campus, students started making their transition to alumni status in numerous ways as well as preparing for all of the traditional rites of passage, including packing up their dorms. There is the final open mic night, the end of semester banquet in the dining hall, and the receiving of engraved canoe paddles.

After receiving their paddles, staff and students meet in the community room to share great memories from the semester, as well as hopes for the future in the final candlelight circle in Five Corners. This is an emotional time for everyone as saying goodbye to their Conserve School experience and the deep friendships they have created over the last four months becomes eminent. Many students choose to participate in a lock-in in the gym for their final night on campus so that they can spend their last hours on campus together with their friends.

On the Saturday that students leave staff, students, and the families of students come together for lunch and for the CS16 Recognition Ceremony. The ceremony is held in the auditorium where there is a Presentation of Awards, two Student Addresses, as well as several musical performances, the Student Commissioning and finally the Memories Slideshow. Following the ceremony there are many tearful goodbyes and promises to visit and meet again before students depart.

View photos and videos of closing events and ceremonies below:


Celebration Dinner

Ava Ahmann

Recognition Ceremony Speeches

Avry Richter:

Lucas Voichick:

Recognition Ceremony Music

"I Could Tell That We Were Gonna Be Friends"

"Catharsis" and "Shell Shocked"

"For Good":