CS15 Nature Photography
Jeff Rennicke, Photography and English Teacher

Photo Credit: CS15 Student, Liam Nelson.

From sub-freezing temperatures to the challenges of northern light photography, the young photographers of Conserve School have taken a journey with their cameras, a journey that hopefully brought them closer to the world around them and to themselves. Photography has been defining and transforming the way we see, interpret, and enjoy the natural world for centuries. In this hands-on, experiential course we explore the role of photography in nature appreciation, art, and activism using the natural setting of the Conserve School campus and the nearby Sylvania Wilderness as our subject. We cover such topics as the fundamentals of camera operation, composition, lighting, creative camera techniques, and basic post-production functions. We research and explore the work of a wide variety of photographic artists, both historical figures and contemporary photographers, to better understand the way their work has changed the way we see nature. Mostly, however, we go outdoors and learn to see for ourselves, making photographs from environmental portraits to compositional exercises and action shots, and learning to see the world of nature through the lens of photography.

From capturing the beauty of the first snowfall to taking on the challenge of environmental portraits and exploring the various ways we "see" the world, these young photographers have opened their eyes to the power of photography and our eyes to the beauty of the world around us.

Please enjoy this exhibit of their work.

Additionally, read the Artist Statements we have available from two CS15 students.

Brooke Doughty

Talia Zitner