An Important Message
Stefan Anderson, Head of School

An important message from Head of School Stefan Anderson - dated June 5th: ⁣
⁣Conserve School students are taught to use their voices to speak out for the environment and against injustice in whatever form it may take. Over the past eleven days, Conserve School has received many heartfelt requests from alums and friends for the school to use its social media voice in support of George Floyd, his family, and all the people who, due to simply to their race, are forced to live in a country where the words, “liberty and justice for all” don’t seem to apply to them. ⁣

⁣Today, Conserve School joins with those alums and friends in publicly decrying the horrendous injustice that befell George Floyd and advocating for the changes necessary to create true social justice in this country.⁣

⁣Today, Conserve School applauds those in its community who have participated in constructive social activism over the past eleven days, so that this tragic event can be a turning point, rather than just another statistic.⁣

⁣Today and always, Conserve School encourages its alums and friends to use their voices in support of racial justice. ⁣
Special thanks to CS17 (Fall 2018) Zwena Gray. The photo is of a poster that she made which is displayed in the Lowenwood Academic Building.