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Live and On the Air
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

"Live and on the air, this is WRMC Radio, 91.1 on your FM dial." With those words, spoken on May 1, 1949, the radio voice of Middlebury College in Vermont hit the airwaves. Sixty years later, a brother and sister team of CS Alums, is part of keeping that history alive and well and on the air.

Maia (CS13) and Noah (CS8) Sauer team up every Tuesday night at 6 pm for "When You Wake, You're Still in a Dream," a program that combines dreamy, atmospheric music and the reading of surrealist poetry. Noah also acts as the Studio Manager at the station which is "dedicated to providing a diverse range of alternative programming." 

"As I finish my second semester at Middlebury College," Maia says, "it’s been a wonderful experience hosting a radio show with my brother. It is great to have the weekly space to catch up and share our thoughts with each other and with our listeners."

Being involved with the college radio station has also made the pair more interested in different methods of storytelling—an interest that Conserve School fostered through the lens of environmental stewardship. "I often think back to compelling examples of prose in Jeff’s English class, videos in Stewardship class, and presentations by outside speakers throughout my semester as strong examples of the power of stories to affect change," Maia says. Motivated to create and share stories of her own, Maia chose on a joint English and Dance major at Middlebury. Her interest in having her voice heard brought her to a spot behind the radio microphone. "I hope to explore how storytelling can manifest in words, movement, and all the untidy categories in between," she says. But, she hopes, the impact does not stop there. "Communicating personal truths can be a catalyst for the creation of a larger network of changemakers," she says and this brother and sister team, live and on the air, hope to spin some tunes, read some poetry and play a part in helping others to find their voices far beyond the airwaves of WRMC Radio.

To catch the pair live and on the air, listen online at wrmc.middlebury.edu.)