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Superiors Ten
Audra Hamlin, CS18, Stoneham, ME

Exploration Week is a time of bonding, some hardship, and tremendous growth. This is often magnified when the weather presents it's own challenges. 

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Dylan, CS18, Viroqua, WI.

Phenology is the act recording what one observes in nature over time. Here is a look at several pages from spring of one student's Phenology Book.

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Fulbright Norway
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

Teaching Fellow, Martha Torstenson was awarded a Fulbright in Norway researching seasonal adaptations and how they relate to resilience to climate change.

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Student Voices
Stefan Anderson, Head of School

Head of School, Stefan Anderson, writes about opportunities that students had to use their voices to reflect on their Conserve School experience.

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Bogs by Night
Leanna Jackan, Science Teacher

Science Teacher, Leanna Jackan hosted a late night candlelight bog hike where students explored both folktales and scientific explanations of bogs.

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Solo Prep
Haley Chelsvig, Outdoor Skills Teaching Fellow

Yesterday, with excitement, students embarked on their Solo trips, a mainstay of the Conserve School experience.

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Fun with Fungi
Shelby Roback, Stewardship Teaching Fellow

Students explored the world of fungi both artistically and scientifically. Learning about and hunting mushrooms in the forest and then painting them in the art room.

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Picture This
Emily, CS17, Bayfield, WI

Weather rolls in quickly on Lake Superior. This is one student's experience backpacking during Exploration Week on Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

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Time Traveling
Jeff Rennicke, English Teacher

The Five Lake Loop is a favorite lesson for both students and teachers alike! It is a combined History and English lesson that traverses the Sylvania.

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Edible Harvest
Eleva Potter, Stewardship in Action Teacher

In Stewardship class students harvested wild edibles, made delicious recipes, and came up with their own guidelines for harvesting with respect and for sustainability.

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New Camper on Staff
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

Our new English Teaching Fellow, Noah, from Detroit has shared a journal entry from his first camping trip in the Sylvania Wilderness during a staff training expedition.

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Educational Sustainability
Eleva Potter, Stewardship in Action Teacher

The summer residency for UW-Steven Point's new Doctorate of Education in Education Sustainability took place at Conserve School. Doctoral students from California, Rhode Island, Maryland, Beijing and Wisconsin met to present what they learned in the first year of their program.

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A Sense of Place
Clayton, CS16 Student (Shorewood, WI)

...the power of the solo experience becomes clear. Through spending over 24 hours in a single area, some of the more intricate workings of this campus became familiar.

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Leaving With a Purpose
Margaret Butler

... I feel like I understand myself better and have a clearer view of my own passions and aspirations. I'm excited to further my work as an environmental steward and apply what I've learned at Conserve to my hometown and all other communities and places I live...

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The Five Lake Loop
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

What do History, English, and the famous Five Lake Loop have to do with each other? Read about the much anticipated and loved day of hiking and portaging to five different lakes in the Sylvania Wilderness!

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Stewardship Film Festivaling
Kate Houle, communications specialist

Students attended a Conserve School Film Festival earlier this spring in the auditorium. It was a themed, three-block, film-fest with sixteen different short films, four trailers, and one feature length film with the filmmaker doing a talk-back.

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A Story of Art
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

Nyika Campbell, CS8 Alum attends the University of CO Boulder, her art inspires us to look closely and to appreciate the creativity in each piece. Sometimes a visual story speaks for itself. Thank you to Nyika for sharing her work. We continue to be inspired by our alums and the work they are doing.

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Growing a New Path
Jill Rennicke, Alumni Coordinator

Not all college paths are created equal. CS4 alum Mikaylo Kelly has designed his own special major called "Food Justice" at Augustana College to explore the ever-changing human relationship with food: what we eat, how it is produced, and the impact it has on the earth.

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The Honorable Harvest
Emily Hayne and Eleva Potter

As we enjoy the sweet treat of the maple syrup throughout spring we can reflect on the CS16 Maple Syruping Celebration, the Ojibwe people of this area, and the importance of connecting to the land.

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We've Weathered the Storm
Stefan Anderson

Today marks the beginning of the fifth week for the students of Conserve School semester 16. Over the past 31 days the students have moved from a tentative group of strangers to a close knit group of friends. I have appreciated the chance to observe this evolution.

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Quinzee Building and Sleep-Out
Emily Hayne, Wilderness Fellow

Unlike an igloo that is made up of blocks of hard snow, a quinzee is essentially a pile of snow that is formed by shoveling snow into a mound, compacting it, then letting it settle. In an Outdoor Skills workshop about 20 students helped create these winter structures.

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Three Bear Sled Dog Race
Emily Hayne, Wilderness Fellow

A special event for the town of Land O' Lakes, many locals and visitors gather to support Sled Dog racing teams. Also an especially memorable weekend for Conserve School students as they volunteer and learn about the unique winter sport of Dog Sledding.

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January is Renewal Time
Stefan Anderson

The past month has been a busy one as Conserve School has moved from a tearful goodbye for the students of semester 15 to the intensely busy work of refreshing the campus for the arrival of the semester 16 students. I have often heard comments about how great it must be to work at Conserve School with such nice relaxing breaks between the semesters. This month I would like to share with you a bit of how staff have been spending that "relaxing time".

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CS15 Nature Photography
Jeff Rennicke, Photography and English Teacher

In this hands-on, experiential course we explore the role of photography in nature appreciation, art, and activism using the natural setting of the Conserve School campus and the nearby Sylvania Wilderness as our subject.

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Women On Wheels
Katie Ledermann, CS3

Pedaling for Power: CS3 alumi Katie Ledermann completes a bicycle ride across the country to raise awareness of the importance of our public lands. Click here to read Katie's story of her journey.

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Holiday Craft Fair
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

The bonding, the warmth, the creativity, good conversation, camaraderie and laughter were fueled by homemade treats and the satisfaction of making and creating with our own hands.

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Outdoor Skills Workshop
Wilderness Teaching Fellow, Emily Hayne

"Lumberjack lessons and events have widened my idea of what outdoor skills are. I used to think that outdoor skills just included things like backpacking, rock climbing and canoeing, but really there so much more."

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Noticing the Unnoticed
Tanner, CS15, Oak Creek, WI.

"The photos from the simple camera I traveled with will be visual aids to all my peers and to me in the future, showing what we need to fight so hard to preserve and continue enjoying for our generation and generations to come."

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Stewardship Day
Jennifer Anderson

Each semester a day is devoted to giving back to Conserve School in the form of stewardship. This spring, students spent half of the day working on permaculture projects in the garden and the other half pulling invasive species.

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