January is Renewal Time
Stefan Anderson

First, Campus Services staff have been doing all the things required to renew the campus between semesters. That includes a deep cleaning of the buildings, making minor repairs and giving the campus vehicles a thorough check-up. This January the work has also included a minor remodeling of the dining room seating area with a few new tables, a new railing system, and a new projection system.

Student Program staff have been preparing curriculum for classes and activities. They have also been involved in a number of training activities including spending a day taking Mental Health First Aid Training, a half day reviewing basic first aid, a half day learning the ins and outs of Google mail and calendaring, and 12 staff members spent a weekend at the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education's Winter Workshop where they explored topics from Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Environmental Education to Place Based Pollination Ecology. Along the way staff reviewed the school's cell phone policies and considered possible changes to improve the student dorm experience.

Of course it's not all work and no play. The campus's excellently groomed ski trails have been well utilized and staff have adventurously skied from school to Land O' Lakes. I have been using some of my free time experimenting to find the best way to groom trails for snow biking. Groups of Teaching Fellows have been spotted in the community playing AMP Trivia and I recently enjoyed an evening playing Settlers of Catan.

Our renewal time comes to a close this Friday with the arrival of the 59 students of CS16. I for one am excited, both to meet the new students and because I am not sure that I can take much more of this "relaxation".


Stefan Anderson, Head of School