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A semester-long immersion in environmental studies and outdoor activities which deepens students’ love of nature, reinforces their commitment to conservation, and equips them to take meaningful action as environmental stewards. The program interweaves college-preparatory academics with:

  • the study of environmental history, nature literature, and the science of conservation,
  • environmental service work,
  • exploration of careers related to conservation,
  • training in teamwork and leadership, and
  • engagement with the outdoors.

Designed primarily for high school juniors, Conserve School incorporates the flexibility to accommodate advanced sophomores.


  • Campus is located just west of Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin
  • Adjacent to the federally-designated Sylvania Wilderness Area
  • About a 4.5-hour drive north of Madison, Wisconsin, and a 5.5-hour drive northeast of Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Accreditation and Affiliations


  • A typical semester has 60 students.
  • A typical semester has students from 18 states and the District of Columbia
  • Over the past seven semesters, on average, students identify as:
    • 31% from urban areas, 29% from rural areas, and 39% from suburban areas
    • 80% from public schools, 11% from private schools, and 9% from homeschools
    • 85% in grade 11, and 15% in grade 10
    • 62% female, 38% male
    • 26% from families with an annual income of less than $65,000 
    • 16% students of color 

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Faculty and Staff

  • 24 teachers and teaching fellows, for a student-to-faculty ratio of 3 - 1
  • 49 total faculty and staff

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  • 1,200-acre wooded campus
  • Access to eight campus lakes
  • More than 15 miles of trails on campus, including single-track hiking and biking trails, and double-wide hiking, biking, and ski trails (10 miles of trails groomed for cross-country skiing)
  • More than 25 campus buildings, including clean, well-kept, and modern academic, recreational, and residential facilities
  • Organic garden and orchard

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  • College-preparatory, junior-level courses
  • All students are enrolled in four core courses: AP Environmental Science, American Literature and the Land (English), Environmental Citizenship (history), and Outdoor Skills (physical education)
  • All courses are awarded one-half credit, with the exception of AP Environmental Science, which is awarded one whole credit
  • All courses meet for a minimum of 58 contact hours
  • Spring semester students, over the past four years, have scored an average of 3.62 on the AP Environmental Science exam, nearly a point higher than the national average

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Ownership and Governance

  • Private, independent 501(c)(3) organization
  • Governed by nine-member Board of Trustees

Tuition and Financial Aid

Conserve School’s founder, James R. Lowenstine wanted deserving students to benefit from the unique Conserve School experience regardless of financial means.

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