A Week to Remember
Maddie Indermuehle, CS19 (Fall 2019), Conover, WI

Listening to a story being read, as we had done every night before, while in our hammocks under one tarp in a rainstorm, I have never felt more at home. Going into a week-long paddle in the Sylvania Wilderness Area with 7 of my peers, who I did not know very well yet, and two teachers, I was not prepared for what would happen. Not only did I learn new things about my new found friends and myself, but together we also created life-long friendships and amassed quite an artillery of new skills that will last our entire lives.

We began our trip by jumping right into canoeing. After we were all packed up with more stuff then we would ever need, we headed out to the edge of the Sylvania Wilderness Area to start our journey. From the moment we put our canoes in, the people on our trip would now be like family. Forming bonds quickly, we became a family made up of people we had just met. Throughout the week, we continued to strengthen those bonds with each other and the beautiful wilderness known as the Sylvania. Not only did we learn from each other, but we created fun games, we prepared and ate meals together, we struggled at times too, but ultimately became stronger and better because of our experiences together.

“Together is my favorite place to be” is a quote I use to describe my experience on this stunning trip into Sylvania with these adventurous people who are amazing individuals and now dear to my heart. We shared many adventures throughout our time on the water and trail, from portaging the heavy packs to sitting around the campfire making dinner. There was never a time where I wished I was anywhere else. At sixteen years old, I would say this trip was one for the books! Each of our experiences was different, but what we all agreed on was this trip brought us together. 

Some of Our Favorite Memories From The Week:

“One of my favorite memories was when we all were in our hammocks together under our hammock tarp. I felt so close and connected to everyone in our group, through our hammocks, the trees, and our hearts.” - Kari

“One night, we made beans, and Max did not want to waste anything, so he drank beans and lemonade. It was very gross. He also ate chili seed water soup one night.”- Georgia 

“5 of us slept in hammocks under a one-person tarp, and it started pouring, and Georgia, and I got soaked and ran to our tent.” - Morgan 

“We paddled a double canoe across the lake, connected by our legs. I can’t believe we didn’t all fall in.” - Margaux

“It was so wonderful paddling as the sun rose in the sky, along with the fall colors and reflective lake.” - Rose

“I enjoyed sleeping in the hammock every night until one night when it stormed, and the rain got me all wet! It was okay because I was with a lot of other people.” - Yuli