The Taking Action Project
Eleva Potter, Stewardship in Action Teacher

The culminating project in Stewardship in Action is the Taking Action Project. Throughout the semester students plan an environmental project that they will implement in their sending community when they return home. The students research their sending community’s needs, reach out to key players, brainstorm ways to overcome barriers and map out a timeline for their project. To better understand this process each class created a Class TAP that they implemented at Conserve School.

Repairing garden beds
repairing garden beds

Each Block of Stewardhip in Action came up with different projects. One block created a compost system in the garden out of recycled pallets. The other block mapped out the single track trails to add to the campus map and added glow in the dark tacks for night hikes and also repaired and replaced the raised garden beds. Now the students are putting this experience into action by creating their own projects ranging from sustainable architecture, river clean-ups, plastic bag bans, and mentor programs. We can’t wait to see how the students use what they’ve learned at Conserve School in the future!

taking action project presentation
taking action project presentation

Photos Contributed by, Eleva Potter, Stewardship in Action Teacher