The Best Treatment is Prevention
George Rue, Outdoor Skills Teaching Fellow

"The best treatment is prevention." This is our motto when it comes to handling emergencies at Conserve School. We take great care to ensure the safety of our students and staff during activities in and outside the classroom. From time to time, however, accidents happen – sometimes very far away from medical care. Oftentimes, those accidents happen when we least expect them to!

So then what should we do? In Outdoor Skills this semester, we discussed ways medical emergencies can be treated in a backcountry setting: Wilderness First Aid. Through lectures, demonstrations, and mock “scenarios”, the students learned how to survey a scene, evaluate a patient, and treat common injuries. While the students didn’t receive any certifications, they practiced techniques to stop bleeding, clean a wound, and stabilize broken bones.

Teamwork was critical. The “patients” had life-threatening injuries that needed treatment, often requiring one person to apply dressing, another to build a splint, etc. Each team also had a “scribe” who recorded the patient’s information to be used by future rescue crews.

While we hope everyone follows safety guidelines and uses good judgment during their backcountry adventures, the Wilderness First Aid unit made our students more confident explorers of wild spaces.

Stay safe out there!

Wilderness First Aid Scenario