picture of audience for sense of place presentation
Leanna Jackan, Science Teacher

The last afternoon of AP Environmental Science is a celebration. A culmination of a semester-long project and a chance for students to share the bond they’ve developed with Lowenwood. Through phenology we emphasize place-based learning, finding a sense of place, as well as learning to tell a story of place here in the Northwoods as well as on and around campus.  

Phenology painting

On the last afternoon of class, students are asked to reflect on the field journal entries they’ve made at their Phenology Spot and to create a unique project of their own. The product should convey an ecological process they’ve learned about at their spot, the change over time was seen at their spot, and a reflection on how they connected to nature before and now at the end of their Conserve experience. Through this, the students tell their story of place.

phenology reflection

The projects take many forms. Paintings, mixed media art, embroidery, a lyrical dance, origami, a cake that looks like a tree stump, songs, poems, and even a Conserve School themed Monopoly board. Each one a unique and personal way of expressing connection and love of the place they’ve found at Conserve School.

wooden moon cycle paddle
felted scene