Las Empanadas
Miriam Sellers, Spanish Teaching Fellow

The aroma of freshly baked empanadas filled the air this week as students in Spanish class made this delicious South American pastry. Empanadas are especially popular in countries in the Southern Cone of South America such as Chile and Argentina. They are a savory pastry made by folding dough over a filling of your choice. Students made the traditional empanada stuffed with ground beef, hard-boiled eggs, onions, olives, and raisins. A curious combination, but exceptionally tasty! Students also prepared empanadas filled with cheese and spinach, a great vegetarian option that is also incredibly delicious. 

Students cooking

Cooking in Spanish class brings the vibrant cultures of Latin America to life. Experiencing the process of making a Spanish dish is very different from learning about traditional dishes in class.  Students read the recipes in Spanish, prepared the empanada fillings, and savored the results of their labor. 

students cooking

Students also had the opportunity to partake in a tradition called "sobremesa." Throughout Latin America and Spain, it is common to engage in sobremesa, which refers to the custom of conversing together at the table after a meal. Students enjoyed their empanadas and then spent time sharing their plans for the weekend as well as reflecting on their semester at Conserve. All in Spanish of course!

students cooking
Students eating at a table together