Earth Art Tea Ceremony
Robert Eady, Earth Art Teacher

Earth Art begins by taking an imaginary journey nearly halfway around the world to a place that is very different from the place here. In that place, temperatures can rise to nearly 140 degrees and the average precipitation is less than 10 inches. The culture has a tradition of sharing tea as a way to invite strangers into their community. This ritual seems a fitting way to invite the students to become part of their class community and the larger circle of Conserve School community. 

While sharing small glasses of sweetened tea the students introduced themselves and spoke about what they hoped to learn during their semester in Earth Art. We also looked at a variety of crafts from different places in the world. We talked about the resources available locally and the impact those resources have on what crafts are made in these places. 

Before the week comes to an end, the students will make and decorate notebooks wherein they will record their experiences, processes, drawing, painting, and learning during the semester. We are all eager for the days ahead deepening our relationships, making things using local and recycled resources, drawing and painting, and coming to know each other better!

Students sitting on the floor under a tent shade looking at crafts from around the world.
Student with tea party head covering
Earth art tea party