CS19 Stewardship Class Projects
Eleva Potter, Dir. Conservation Programming

Each semester in the Stewardship in Action class, students pick a class project that will help them live more sustainably on campus. These projects also help students practice the Direct Action and Community Engagement aspects of the Social Change Wheel that they learn about in class.

During the Fall 2019 Semester (CS19),  one block of students chose to host their own "Adventure Day." Students selected different places on campus to bring their fellow students to explore and organize various activities to help students foster a sense of place and deepen their understanding of stewardship. Some students hiked to their spots, and some biked. Some students brought hammocks, and art supplies, and others hosted team-building activities. All in all, it was a very successful event that got students outside, exploring and deepening their love for Lowenwood.

Another block of students chose to help improve the campus composting systems by repairing the roof on our four-bin system. They also informed their peers about what can and cannot be composted by making posters, and a "Potty Publication" newsletter that was posted in the school restrooms with the rules and details of composting at Conserve School.