CS18 Staff Workshop Week
Kate Houle, Communications Specialist

The Halls of Conserve School are abuzz with preparations for the arrival of CS18. Meetings and prep across multiple departments to get the school and staff ready for the arrival of new students takes place every semester. Right now, we are coming to the end of our three-week Staff Workshop Week(s) where everyone from teachers, and teaching fellows, to maintenance, meal services, and administration have been gathering together for lesson and activity planning, learning more about how to care for our students health and safety, and making important decisions about the upcoming semester. Additionally, our amazing grounds crew and kitchen staff have been making sure the facilities are clean, repairs are made, and each building is stocked with everything needed to kick the semester off right.

When staff arrived back at Conserve School for work after the holidays, the first thing we did was review CS17 and discuss what went well and what could be modified. Staff was also asked to take a survey and reflect on their position at Conserve School and if they felt supported in their work and if there was any support they might need to enhance their work environment. After this period of reflection, everyone got to work with the business of preparing classrooms, academics, and student life. 

Conserve School endeavors to support students in their academic, physical, and emotional wellbeing as they grow and flourish throughout their semester-long experience at Lowenwood. To that end, there are several programs in place that are offered annually to staff on campus. In addition to basic Student Support instruction and Healthcare Updates, Conserve Staff receives Mental Health First Aid Training, Wilderness First Aid, as well as a program called, SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity).

*Photo contributed by Jennifer Anderson, Marketing and Enrollment Associate.

Staff practicing Wilderness First Aid scenarios.

*Photo Contributed by Rob Houle, Technology and Media Specialist.

Kathleen O' Connor, Director of Student Instruction and Spanish teacher, along with Phil DeLong, Director of Student Support and Teaching Fellow Coordinator are our on staff, trained SEED leaders.

*Photo by Rob Houle, Technology and Media Specialist.

CS18 semester staff photo, two days before the arrival of students.